Block Leader Program

Water Conservation Block Leaders are citizen volunteers who educate fellow residents about water conservation.

What are the responsibilities of a Block Leader?

Block leaders help their neighbors make smart water choices by providing information and serving as a resource. They do not solicit anything from neighbors or monitor neighbors’ water use. Some of our Block leaders:
  • Leave informational packets on neighbors' doorsteps
  • Distribute materials while visiting neighbors in person
  • Make materials available at neighborhood gatherings

Where do Block Leaders get their information?

Water Conservation staff host Block Leader training sessions in the spring and early summer. Block leaders receive informative pamphlets and materials to distribute in their neighborhood. We also keep leaders informed via emails and a quarterly newsletter.

How big are the blocks?

Each Block Leader may choose the size of their "block" to include only the homes on their street, the homes on neighboring streets, or homes in their entire neighborhood.

How can I become a Block Leader?

Let us know you're interested by completing the Block Leader Registration Form