Building Fees

Permit Fees

Plan Review Fees
Nonrefundable plan review fees (25% of permit fee) must be submitted with your application. If documents are incomplete or changed, an additional fee may be assessed for additional plan review.

Re-Inspection Fees
Any re-inspection fees assessed shall be paid before additional inspections are conducted. Re-inspection fees may be charged when:

  • The inspection called for is not ready when the inspector arrives.
  • No building address or permit card is clearly posted.
  • Approved plans are not on the job site available to the inspector.
  • The building is locked or work otherwise is not available for inspection when called.
  • The job site is red-tagged twice for the same item.
  • The original red tag has been removed from the job site.
  • Violations exist on the property including failure to maintain erosion control, trash control or tree protection.