Right-of-Way Management

The Right-of-Way & Utility Group is responsible for the review, inspection, and permitting for work to be performed within the City of Allen Right-of-Way (ROW) to ensure city utilities are protected. 

For Building Permits (fences, patios, etc.), refer to the Building Permits and Inspections Department page.

Before applying for a ROW permit, please email RecordPlans@cityofallen.org to obtain existing utility information for inclusion in permit application. Please plan and allow 10 business days for processing.

Email completed permit applications to ROWpermits@cityofallen.org. Please plan and allow 10 business days for processing.

City utility locate requests are emailed to Locates@cityofallen.org. Please include Right of Way Permit number as well as 811 ticket. Privately owned utilities are not located by the City. For franchise locates (electric, gas, and telecom), dial 811.

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